THE Coolest Video You’ll See This Year

I guarantee this is THE coolest video you’ll see this year! Rabid Foo Fighter fans (say THAT three times fast!) from Cesena, Italy created a beautiful video from a flash mob of 1,000 singers and musicians from all over the country who traveled on their own dime to create a video of “Learn To Fly.” Seriously, watching all those drummers in a row gives you chills! The camera work is great–lots of overhead and swooping drone shots.

At the end, the organizer sends out a lovely plea to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters to come play in his town. “We are a country,” he said, “where dreams do not easily come true. But we are a land of passion, and hope!” I actually fought back happy tears, because the sheer energy and positivity of this video plea is simply amazing.


And, as we all would hope for, Dave Grohl saw the video and immediately sent back this one, politely speaking in broken Italian to show his appreciation.

And yes. The Foo Fighters will be playing in Cesena within a month.



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