The Definitive Guide To ‘Erin’s Night Out’

Have you heard about Erin’s Night Out? Here’s everything you need to know about this fun event!


Where:  The event will be held at the University Park Marriott in SLC on Friday, October 10, 2014 from 5pm to 12 midnight.

Discounted hotel rooms: a lot of girls like to spend the night, since the evening runs so long. The UPark Marriott offers a screaming deal for Erin’s Night Out guests–if you’d like to book a room, they sell out quickly, please call 801.581.1000 and ask for the “Erin’s Night Out” discounted room rate.  The national reservation line will not know what you’re talking about, so be sure to call the local number.

How Do I Get My Tickets?  We’re going to be sending you a “Hold Harmless” agreement, please print and sign it and bring it with you the night of the party. We’ll exchange the agreement for your tickets to the event. To make the lines move more quickly, please have your agreement signed and ready to go, and your driver’s license or legal id ready to show for your tickets.

Can I Bring My Husband/Boyfriend/Toddler/Children?  Erin’s Night Out is specifically for girls, no stinky boys allowed!  This is a girl’s night, and we want everyone to feel comfortable.  Children are not allowed because it’s stressful and crowded for little ones.  They don’t enjoy it, you don’t enjoy it.  Babies of course are welcome, and we can help you to find a private spot for nursing if you need it.  Once girls hit 8 years old or older, they tend to be old enough to handle the crowds and have fun.

What Do I Wear? Whatever’s comfortable for you. You’re getting massages, dancing, sitting on the floor, so don’t bother to dress up.  Let your tummy pooch out, wear an elastic waistband…relax.

What Do I Have To Do?  Anything you like…or nothing at all.  The point of Erin’s Night Out is to let us take care of you. Women never seem to have a moment in their lives where they can just sit back, exhale and chat with their girlies.  We try to make this blissfully easy for you to be cared for, eat, enjoy, raid the chocolate fountain.

How Much Money Should I Bring?  All your tickets, activities and food sampling is free. If you would like a service, (such as a pedicure, psychic reading, etc.) they are being offered free, but we request you tip your serviceperson $5.00 per service. They’re all there working free that night to make sure you have a good time. If you don’t feel like you wish to tip, there are plenty of other free activities to enjoy. We have vendors from all over the state with amazing items to shop for if you’re in the mood for some bargains.  We try to make as many things free as we can to make sure YOU have more of a budget to shop with!

What’s Going On At The Party? There’s breakout sessions on everything from “Starting Your Own Business” to “Ghost Hunting 101.” We’ll have the Fire Muse Circus performing—amazing! Fashion shows, crafting, all kinds of different things to try.  There’s photo booths to take pictures together–or take advantage of our “Office Boyfriend” photo booth, where we’ll have insanely hot firemen happy to stare into your eyes for a great picture to keep at the office.  (Wink wink!)  The ever adorable (and almost too cool to live) DJ Jarvicious & DJ BangArang are providing amazing entertainment.

Any Sneaky Inside Tips On Navigating The Party? Come sooner than later, there’s so much to do and to look at. When you first come in, walk around and decide what services you want and head over to sign up for them. The service providers put up a new sign-up sheet at the top of every hour.  Make your mini-appointment, then go grab some food while you get ready for your brow wax at 8:10…psychic reading at 11:30…massage at 5:00…and so on.

Prizes: nearly every booth will have gift baskets and prizes to win, so be sure to sign up for everything! We’ll have a list of winners at the main table to check throughout the night.  We start you off with a “goodie bag” and there’s coupons, trinkets, freebies and goodies to drop in your bag all night–kind of like Halloween for grownups!

We’re got an amazing grand prize from our beloved sponsor, The Peppermill Concert Hall in Wendover, Nevada. Make SURE you sign up for that!  You will thank me later.  Trust me.

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