The Most Beautiful Story You’ll Hear Today

baby dui

The Most Beautiful Story You’ll Hear Today. Yeah, I’m not crying my eyes out, or anything… West Virginia State Troopers pulled over a suspected drunk driver yesterday and found a baby in the backseat, drenched in vomit. Heartbreaking so far, I know. But these are the cool troopers who totally know what to do. As two officers booked the “parent” for a DUI, Officer DC Graham wrapped the one year old in towels, took off his uniform shirt and bathed the little man in the sink at the station until they were both covered in suds. Officer Graham played with the baby until Protective Services showed up. A medical exam shows the little guy has been sick for some time, but after treatment he’s doing well now. He’s with a legal guardian, and Officer DC Graham is my new favorite person in the world.

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