The Road Home Mediathon – Putting Families Back In Homes For The Holidays


So, when we ask you for help, you DO NOT mess around, do you?  We spent Thursday and Friday at The Road Home Mediathon fundraiser at the Rio Grande location.  Along with thousands of volunteers, politician types (yes, that is the ruggedly handsome Representative Jim Matheson, who actually donated his own money to the cause) and annoying media people like us, you raised over two million dollars to put families back in to homes and to end chronic homelessness along the Wasatch Front.


Two. Million. Let that sink in.

See, this is the time of year we’re all used to donating and sharing, wanting to offer more and give more.  But come July, people are still hungry. Homeless. Hurting. And your donations will be there to keep these desperate families and these lonely senior citizens from slipping through the cracks.  Trans Siberian Orchestra (well, the generous and eccentric founder, Paul O’Neill) donated $5,000 to start the Rewind family off.  And off you went.  Excel Entertainment donated dozens of holiday DVD’s as premiums.  Our buddy Kris at Enlighten Laser dropped  by with a bunch of Latisse gift certificates to give for donations–raising hundreds of dollars more for the cause. Thank you, thank you a thousand times, to every member of the Rewind 100.7 family for your generosity and your kindness!

The Road Home Mediathon – Putting Families Back In Homes For The Holidays


Santa dropped by and stayed both days–even during the busiest time of the year for the Big Guy.



Governer Gary Herbert dragged himself out of bed early for the “starting bell” on Thursday



Hundreds of sweet volunteers shivered and unloaded donations…






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