The Simpsons’ Showrunner Reveals How The Series Predicted The Russia-Ukraine Conflict In 1998


The showrunner of The Simpsons said that the series predicted the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 1998. The name of the episode was called ‘Simpson Tide’, and the showrunner of the series commented on that after many people online pointed it out.

AI Jean said, “Very sad to say this was not hard to predict.” Jean said in an interview, “I hate to say it, but I was born in 1961, so 30 years of my life were lived with the specter of the Soviet Union. So, to me, this is sadly more the norm than it is the prediction. We just figured things were going to go bad.” Jean added, “In 1998 when this clip aired, it was maybe the zenith of U.S.-Russia relations. But, ever since [Russian President Vladimir] Putin got in, almost everybody has made it clear that he’s a bad guy and bad things are going to happen. There is the kind of prediction, where we reference something that has happened, happening again — we hope it wouldn’t, but sadly, it does.”

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