The Three Best Celebrity Tweets Of The Day

Big crankiness over the weekend, when (in my opinion) Taylor Swift got set up by Kayne West, who called her to let her know he was rapping about her in an upcoming song- without tell her what he was going to call her. Get this- West actually has a film crew that follows him everywhere to document his, uh, wonderfulness. So he had proof he’d spoken to her- but Taylor was not pleased when the song dropped.


Support rushed in from Taylor’s posse, of course:


Language, Selena! Anyway, let’s be honest- who cares? Taylor Swift’s now dating THIS guy:


Yeah, the insanely hot guy who plays “Loki” in all the “Thor” movies…”Night Manager”…”I Saw The Light”… Sorry, hot boyfriends trump mean tweets. Congrats, honey.

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