The Todd & Erin Gallon Of Water Challenge

The Todd & Erin Gallon Of Water Challenge. In our never-ending quest to become instantly thin and beautiful without doing any of that stuff…you know…like…exercising or…like…making an effort, we jumped on the Water Challenge.


Simply put, the theory is that if you drink a gallon of water every day, you’ll see noticeable results within a week on your skin and how you feel. After one month of water chugging, there’s reports of weight loss, better hair and skin, sleeping better, more energy, etc. So along with a whining, foot-dragging Producer Wes, we started our experiment Friday, July 17.

Here’s our “Befores,” I’m really hoping for a considerable improvement after a week. My skin looks terrible.


water clahhlenfg

Day One:

We all insisted on draining half our gallon jugs by the end of the show, just to prove how INVESTED we were. Then, we all spent the afternoon in the bathroom. Except for The Todd. Why? Because the man is chronically dehydrated and his poor tissues were desperately clutching on to any moisture trickling through them. I (Erin) put lemon oil in my water so there was some sort of something for my taste buds.

Day Two:

Producer Wes had multiple promotional things to do and was on the go all day. He carried his gallon of water in a cooler and kept up his drinking. He thinks he sweated all the water away because instant access to a bathroom wasn’t needed. I (Erin) kept up with steady gulps every hour–it seemed to help my energy level, though most of that energy went to sprinting back and forth from the potty. The Todd? After incessant nagging, he sulkily gulped the gallon by thirds, then passed out on the bed with a sore stomach. He refuses to accept that his power-chugging inclinations are responsible.

Day Three:

I (Erin) tried grapefruit oil in my water today. This is a big mistake and I’ve been reeking of citrus all day. Even the dog won’t come near me. The Todd says he’s feeling more energy–he keeps the gallon jug next to him as he worked on our old trailer and does zip around with that manic hummingbird type speed. Producer Wes is finding that unless he keeps moving, all the water is making him feel bloated. Once he gets moving he feels great again.


water gallon challenge

So, that’s our progress report. Have you tried the Gallon Water Challenge? What did it do for you? Please comment and add your experiences…and feel free to join us and check in on the show–we’d love to see what happens to you!

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