There’s A WHAT In My Ear?

There’s A WHAT In My Ear?




Yeah, this shouldn’t traumatize Katie Melua for like, LIFE or anything…  Katie’s a big pop star in Britain (think Katie Perry-ish) and she endured a “scritching kind of sound” in her ear for a week or so until she caved and went to an audiologist.  When they ran the scope into her ear canal, here’s what they found:


pop spider

EEEEEEEEEEE!  Get it OUT of me!  Get IT OUT!  Katie was actually pretty cool about it all.  “It’s really quite small, you know.”  Forget your stiff upper lip, you British person.  I would be the one screeching like a steam whistle as I ran screaming across the hospital parking lot.  There’s not enough Xanax in the world to make this go away.




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