Today’s 3 Best Celebrity Tweets: Taylor & Taylor, James Franco & Justin Bieber

taylor l

So the adorable Taylor Lautner from the “Twilight” movie series got pinned down by “Scream Queens” Lea Michelle during an interview about which Taylor Swift song was written about him. Its no secret that Taylor writes those jabby-sorts of songs every time she breaks up with yet another celebrity. (I can hardly wait to hear the one she’ll write about Tom Hiddleston- “Loki” in the “Thor” films- when they have their inevitable breakup!) Anyway, it turns out Taylor L’s song was really sweet- it was “Back To December,” where she sings very sweetly about regretting the breakup. Now you know.


james franco

I suspect you will not be shocked, but James Franco (“Spiderman”) is being crazy again. He posted a photo of his styling new ‘do on Instagram and Twitter today- dude. Ombre’ is so 2014.


man crush

So is Justin Bieber man-crushing on Olympian Michael Phelps? The Beebs posted a photo of his post-teen torso today, and everyone’s puzzling over all the little circular bruises. Ringworm? A random pepperoni? But we’re all guessing cupping. (Erin’s note: Have you ever done cupping? It HURTS, and I’m not sure what it was supposed to draw to the surface besides the big fat bruise on my back, but not my most successful experiment.)


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