Today’s 3 Best Celebrity Tweets


Wow, thanks a lot, Lionsgate. Looks like the dropping ticket sales for the “Divergent” series is prompting a change for the final film in the series. Instead of being released in theaters, the studio’s releasing “Ascendant” straight to TV and introducing a spinoff series. Fans are not impressed.



Well, crap. Shannon Doherty from “Beverly Hills 90210” and more recently “Sharknado,” is documenting her battle with cancer. She shaved her head and posted the pictures so “other cancer patients would know they weren’t alone in this.” Many good thoughts and healing wishes, Shannon.



Well, crap, Part 2: Lady Gaga released a cute picture shot from behind of her and fiance Taylor Kinney, with the announcement that they’re “taking a break.” Does this mean the wedding’s off? They’re both known to be kind of quirky, and I’ve always thought they were adorable. Hope they work it out…


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