6 Things Every Utahn Should Know How To Do


These are the basics of life here in Utah, and getting to know each will serve you well in the years ahead.

This guide is for anyone who is thinking of moving to the Beehive state, who is planning to move, or has actually lived here for any length of time.

These are the basics of life here in Utah, and getting to know each will serve you well in the years ahead.



1. Drive.

Finding your way around Salt Lake (or any other Utah town) really isn’t that difficult. I-15 is the main highway that runs north to south, and I-80 runs east to west. Most cities and towns are based on the grid system, with coordinates to help you find your way. There are Utah traffic resources to help you with your commute too.


2. Blog.

It seems like everyone is blogging these days. Not only is blogging fun, but it can also be a way for you to make some side income. From parenting and family topics, to style, crafts, tech or whatever piques your interest, here’s guide on how to set up your own blog.


3. Hike.

The scenery here in Utah is incredibly diverse. Where else can you see poplar groves and evergreen trees, to red rocks and palm trees in the same day? The best way to get acquainted with Utah hikes is to get out and explore.


4. Ski/Snowboard.

While hiking is a popular thing to do in the warmer months of year, there’s a reason Utah’s snow is known as the best in the world. With plenty of Utah ski resorts to choose from, there’s something for every skill level and ability.


5. Eat.

Sure, Utah’s got its share of family restaurants, but there’s also a great selection of pubs, bistros and farm-to-table choices.


6. Drink.

Utah’s liquor laws may be a bit… different, but don’t let that scare you away! Here’s a quick guide to getting a drink in Utah.

What would you add to this list?


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