Weekly Rundown | 5.8.23 | Week in Review

Weekly Rundown
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Weekly Rundown | 5.8.23 | Week in Review

100.7 BOB FM Weekly Update: Rockin’ News! 

Hello rockstars! Welcome to another edition of our weekly update here at 100.7 BOB FM, your home for the best rock tunes from the 80s and 90s! We’ve got some juicy news for you this week, so let’s dive in! 🌊

📚 Boss’ Masterpiece: New Book Unveils Secrets Behind Springsteen’s Nebraska 🎤

Craving some Springsteen wisdom? A new book delving into the creation and impact of Bruce Springsteen’s iconic album “Nebraska” is hitting shelves! 📖 Learn about the stories and struggles behind one of the most influential rock albums of all time. Get ready to go on a wild ride through the heart of America with the Boss himself! 🇺🇸

😢 A Legend Gone: World Mourns the Passing of Gordon Lightfoot 🌟

It’s a sad day for music lovers as we bid farewell to the legendary Gordon Lightfoot. 💔 The world has lost a true icon, a singer-songwriter whose timeless tunes have touched generations. From “If You Could Read My Mind” to “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald,” Lightfoot’s legacy will live on in our hearts and playlists. Rest in peace, dear friend. 🕊️

📺 Jerry Springer’s Final Episode: Remembering a Pop Culture Icon 🌈

The world said its last goodbyes to the controversial talk show host, Jerry Springer, who was laid to rest in Chicago. 🌹 From shocking revelations to outrageous conflicts, Jerry’s show was a rollercoaster ride that kept us glued to our screens for decades. Farewell, Jerry – you’ll always be a part of our guilty pleasure TV history. 📺

🎉 Rock Hall of Fame 2023: Meet the New Inductees! 🎸

Drumroll, please! 🥁 The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has announced its Class of 2023, and it’s a powerhouse lineup of rock legends! 🌟 From heart-thumping bass lines to soaring guitar solos, these trailblazers have shaped the sound of rock music as we know it. Don’t miss our coverage of the induction ceremony and celebration! 🎶

That’s a wrap for this week, rockers! 🎉 Stay tuned to 100.7 BOB FM for more rocking news and the best tunes from the 80s and 90s. Keep on rockin’! 🤘

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📻 Radio Rundown: Weekly Highlights

Hello radio lovers! 🎧 Your weekly roundup of the best content from your favorite stations is here. Get ready to enjoy the latest in music, news, and pop culture in a fun, creative way. So, let’s dive in!

🤼‍♂️ Pro-Wrestling References in Rap 🎤

92.5 The Beat explores the fascinating connection between pro-wrestling and rap music, featuring artists like Westside Gunn and JPEGMAFIA.

🕰️ 90’s R&B Time Machine 🎶

Hop into the time machine and relive the best 90’s R&B songs. We know you still have a soft spot for them!

📆 Classic Hip-Hop & R&B Albums: May Releases 🌟

92.5 The Beat takes us on a trip down memory lane with the most iconic hip-hop and R&B albums released in May. Time to update your playlists!

🌷 Hip-Hop Albums: April Showers Bring Dope Beats 💽

April is not just about flowers. Check out these classic hip-hop albums that dropped in April.

🔥 2000s R&B: So Hot It’s Cool ❄️

Relive the best 2000s R&B songs and prepare to dance like it’s Y2K all over again!

🍼 Lil Baby: The Unexpected Journey 👶

New to Lil Baby? Here’s a comprehensive guide to get you up to speed.

💕 RnB Love Songs in English: Let the Romance Blossom 🌹

92.5 The Beat curates a collection of the most enchanting RnB love songs in English, ready to ignite hearts and set the stage for an unforgettable romantic experience.

🎛️ Ranking Songs on SZA’s Ctrl 🎚️

Let’s CTRL+ALT+DEL ourselves into the world of SZA’s Ctrl and rank the songs on this amazing album.

🐶 Snoop Dogg Albums: Bow Wow Wow Yippie Yo Yippie Yay 🎵

Dive into the Snoop Dogg album universe and enjoy the Doggfather’s timeless tunes.

🐎 Ginuwine Songs: Riding the R&B Wave 🌊

Giddy up and gallop through Ginuwine’s R&B hits. You won’t be able to resist dancing to these jams!

📏 Best of Too $hort: Measuring Up the Hits 📐

Short on time? Check out the best of Too $hort and get your fix of classic hip-hop tracks.

🏆 MTV Movie & TV Awards 🎥

Mix 1051 Utah gives you the scoop on the winners, losers, and unforgettable moments from the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

👑 BLACKPINK: K-Pop’s Reigning Queens 🎤

Become a BLACKPINK expert with Mix 1051 Utah’s ultimate guide. It’s K-Pop-tastic!

🚀 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3: Soundtrack Extravaganza 🌌

Get ready to groove with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 soundtrack revealed by Mix 1051 Utah. It’s out of this world!

🎸 Smashing Pumpkins Songs: Pump(kin) Up the Volume 🎃

X96 presents the best Smashing Pumpkins songs. Time to rock out with your Jack-o’-Lantern out!

🧚‍♀️ The Pixies: A Complete Guide to These Rock Fairy Godparents 🎵

X96’s guide to the Pixies will have you headbanging to their magical tunes in no time.

✈️ Rockin’ the Tarmac: Ultimate Guide to Pavement (The Band, Not the Road!)

🛣️ X96 introduces you to Pavement – the band, not the concrete under your feet. Get ready to rock the tarmac!

🎸 Aerosmith’s Final Tour: Dream On, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True 🌠

100.7 BOB FM announces Aerosmith’s final tour. Don’t miss your chance to witness rock history!

🎤 Morgan Wallen: Health Postpones Shows, Not Talent 🚑

Morgan Wallen’s postponed shows prove that health comes first, but talent never fades.

🏀 Todd Okeson: From UVU to Associate Head Coach 🌟

ESPN 960 Sports covers Todd Okeson’s journey from UVU to becoming an associate head coach. Slam dunk!

🏀 Letre Darthard: UVU ➡️ Oklahoma 🏆

ESPN 960 Sports reports former UVU guard Letre Darthard’s transfer to Oklahoma. Go, Letre!

🏈 PAC-10 Media Deal Struggles: No Touchdown Here

📺 ESPN 960 Sports investigates why the PAC-10 is struggling to score a media deal. Will they make the cut?

🏀 Jeff Van Gundy Talks NBA Playoffs & Knicks-Heat Rivalry 🏆

ESPN 700 Sports interviews Jeff Van Gundy about NBA Playoffs and the legendary Knicks-Heat rivalry. Buckle up for some b-ball insights!

🏄‍♂️ Surf’s Up: Beach Boys Origins 🌊

KOOL SLC takes you on a gnarly ride through the origins of the Beach Boys. Cowabunga, dude!

🎤 Marvin Gaye Songs: Let’s Get It On (Your Playlist) 💕

KOOL SLC compiles the best Marvin Gaye songs that will have you dancing like nobody’s watching.

🤝 Beach Boys Collaborations: Musical Waves of Surprises 🎵

KOOL SLC explores the Beach Boys’ collaborations, from unexpected duets to groovy guest appearances. Surf’s up!

🌞 Top Beach Boys Songs: Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun ☀️

Dive into the top Beach Boys songs with KOOL SLC and ride the waves of good vibrations.

That’s a wrap, folks! 🎉 We hope you enjoyed this week’s roundup of the best content from your favorite radio stations. Stay tuned for more fantastic updates, and remember to keep rocking out with your air guitar out! 🎸🤘

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