What Getting To Work Early Can Do For YOU!

What Getting To Work Early Can Do For YOU! I like to call this the “Secret To My Success.”

I sprang from my bed with the determination of an Olympic athlete. Soap suds and toothpaste foam frothed past my lips. Today was my day, and I was here to seize it! Bounding down the stairs, I snatched up my computer bag with my laptop loaded with incredible content that was about to be broadcast over our airwaves. Down the driveway I sped, off to nourish my soul with the nectar of the Gods- coffee at 7-11. Back in my truck, I pulled up to the Broadway Media building at 5:30am, ready to open the mic and CONQUER THE WORLD!

getting up early

As I walked into my studio, I noticed at the other control rooms were still dark. “Hah!” I thought proudly, “this early bird just snatched the proverbial worm.”

secret to my success

Slipping my laptop out of my bag, I continued to look around, puzzled by the darkened rooms and the silence. We radio folk are loud people. I should have been hearing shouts and bellows from all over the floor. Second by second, my brain started putting it back together. I woke to my alarm, showered and shaved, drove to work, only to find it was Saturday…my day off. Yes, I got up at 5am and went to work for nothing.



Slithering back into my truck, I took the “ride of shame” home. There was no way I could go back to sleep- the coffee, nectar of the Gods, remember? So, I did what any man would do. I organized the tools in my garage.

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