What’s The Song?


My girlie Kerri stopped by yesterday, and we’ve known each other for like, 25 years. The first words out of her mouth were “we are so FREAKING GOING to that Jam thing.” (It took me a minute because Kerri’s not great at adding all the words to the sentence so that you can understand the complete thought.) I realized she meant the Old School Throwback Jam – we’re giving away tickets on the show every morning at 7:20am, just a plug – and totally volunteered The Todd to watch the kids come June 18th so she and I could go. She dramatically paused and announced, “we shall go for ONE song, and ONE song only!” and hit her iTunes.

Can I tell you how music rules our lives? Yours, mine, hers, everyone. Because the second I heard the first few chords of “I Wanna Sex U Up” from Color Me Badd, we both screamed hysterically and did the White Girl Dance. My five year old Zoe was so horrified she couldn’t even wail at us to stop. Yes, I know that has to be the cheesiest song title ever, but Kerri and I first heard it dancing at our first “big girl” clubbing experience and thought it was the coolest. Thing. EVER. But everyone has that “one” song that sends you back to some magical moment – you can see everything the way it was; how the moment looked, sounded, how you felt…



So! What’s the song? We have tickets for the aforementioned Old School Jam, and I’ll give some pairs out at random for your answers. Vanilla Ice is performing, along with Coolio, Salt n Pepa, Tone Loc, The Jets, Rob Base, The Candyman and Young MC. Just enter to win them by commenting below with “the” song that sends you back to somewhere magical. Details always welcomed! C’mon…share. You know you want to. We’ll draw winners from your answers on Monday, March 14th. Good luck!

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