When It’s Thanksgiving, I’m Your Nana

When It’s Thanksgiving, I’m Your Nana. So Jamal Hinton got a group text last week telling him that Nana was inviting everyone over to her house for Thanksgiving. Except, the 17 year old from Chandler, Arizona didn’t have a Nana in town.


When the confused Jamal asked for a selfie, thinking maybe, somehow, it was his Nana, he got this sweet selfie back.


Um…definitely not Jamal’s Nana, so he sent this selfie back.


Jamal jokingly asked if he could still come over for Thanksgiving dinner, and here’s where Nana becomes EPIC.


Nana lives in nearby Mesa, so Jamal actually dropped by to meet her over the weekend- since the screencap Tweet of their conversation went viral, over 300,000 retweets at this point- to say “hi” and see if she was doing all right with all the attention. Nana was fine, and told him “Dinner’s at 3.”

Jamal is totally going.

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