Why I Must Love Taylor Swift & You Will Too

Erin here. I’ll be honest. I want to not like Taylor Swift.

She’s so…everywhere. Taylor has scads of money and boyfriends and fans and insanely successful concert tours. But unlike most ridiculously popular, rich and attractive people in their early 20’s, Taylor has insisted on being loving, considerate, and astonishingly philanthropic. Remember the immortal duet she sang with the little dude in the pediatric cancer wing at Boston Hospital?

swift hospital

(From News HD Viral Vid)

So, dangit, I love Taylor Swift. And after finding out about the social media phenomenon called “Swiftmas,” I can only adore her more. Tell me this isn’t the most lovely, grassroots, intimate way to say “thank you” to her fans. You can see Taylor’s last big fat bunch of gifts for fans and the story behind “Swiftmas” here.

Why I Must Love Taylor Swift & You Will Too

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