Woman Arrested after Stealing from Sleeping Man — in a Police Station

image credit: Shutterstock

When committing crimes, it’s usually a good idea to follow two rules: Make sure no police officers are around, and commit the act as far away from a police station as possible.  Also rule three: probably don’t do it at all.

Apparently, these basic directives somehow got by Illinois resident Rachel Jones, who on Monday was arrested for robbing a man who had dozed off in the lobby of the Galesburg Public Safety Building, authorities say. After watching the 48-year-old woman steal a lighter from the unidentified man, they confiscated the stolen item and sent her on her way, department officials say.

However, not taking no for an answer, she returned 45 minutes later and began rifling through the man’s pockets again, taking money from him, according to police. This time, officers took Jones into custody and booked on a charge of theft with a prior conviction, police say.

She’s currently being held in the Knox City Jail, where she’s awaiting a court date, authorities say.

Not the brightest move, but you have to admire her courage… I guess.

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