Would You Buy $425 Jeans That Come Streaked With Fake Mud?

It appears that jeans are evolving . . . that’s jeans spelled J-E-A-N-S, not, like, our biological genes, although they’re probably evolving too.  But that’s a tangent that’s missing the point:  Jeans are getting STUPID.

Two new types of jeans have just gone on sale and, well, judge for yourself . . .

The first ones just went on sale at Nordstrom.  They’re called the “Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans” and they come pre-streaked with lots of FAKE MUD.

That way you can look like you’ve been, quote, “getting down and dirty” without, you know, doing anything.  And how much do they cost?  $425.  Wow.

The other new jeans come from a British chain called Topshop.  And even though they call them jeans, that’s a stretch . . . because they’re not made from denim and they’re COMPLETELY SEE-THROUGH.

The description says, quote, “These out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans [are] guaranteed to get people talking.”  At least they “only” cost $100.  (As of late last night, they were no longer listed on Topshop’s website.)


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