Yes, You TOTALLY Wore This In 1983

Yes, You TOTALLY Wore This In 1983. Oh, don’t even look surprised. We all did. I love this article in “Mental Floss” about the “15 Fashions We Rocked In 1983.” Have a look…

Cover photo credit: Noodles and Beef)



1. The Flashdance ripped-up sweatshirt that fell artfully over one shoulder. The minute Jennifer Beals sat down in that thing, I KNEW it must be mine.



members only

(photo credit: Karen)

2. Members Only Jackets – yes, these WERE worn non-ironically.



magnum pi

(photo credit: Jim Ellwanger)

3. Hawaiian Shirts, ala Magnum PI – let’s face it, everyone had a crush on Tom Selleck when he busted out that red Ferrari and a casual Hawaiian shirt on Magnum PI. If you had the “man-crush,” you were stuck with sporting a rabidly floral print shirt to show your hero worship, since most of us couldn’t get our hands on a Ferrari.




(photo credit: Brian Byrne)

4. Big Padded Shoulders In Women’s Clothing – the bigger the shoulders, the more powerful the woman, honey! There were certain episodes of Dynasty where I think Joan Collins actually had to turn sideways to get through the door.



popped collars

(photo credit: Dana Merrick)

5. Popped Collars On Your Izod Polo – I read the “Official Preppy Handbook” by Lisa Birnback cover to back. Yes, we did pop our collars. Oh, yes.


There’s tons more terrifying looks–everything from that aggressive leg warmer thing to (shudder) parachute pants. See the whole collection on

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