You! At The Sold Out Taylor Swift 1989 Concert! Here’s How…


(phot credit: Eve Rinaldi)

You! At The Sold Out Taylor Swift 1989 Concert! Here’s How…  Really? You didn’t think we’d plan ahead? Of course we’ve been holding tickets for the sold out Taylor Swift concert at ESA on Friday, September 4th. How do you get them?



(photo credit: GabboT) (cover photo credit: GabboT)

Listen at 9am, 2pm and 5pm (9-2-5, get it? HAH!) every weekday for the Secret Swift Code Word. Write ’em all down and be ready to call at 8am the next morning. Be the 7th caller, tell Todd & Erin the 3 correct code words and the tickets are yours. It’s that simple, because let’s face it: we’re simple people. Try to get all complicated and you know we’d mess it up somehow. You’ve got our number programmed into your favorites on your cell, right? 1.877.807.1007.


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BTW: if you’re not getting us crystal clear everywhere you go, just download our free app for your phone, and livestream us on your computer. Good luck!

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