You! Billy Idol! Vegas! The Perfect Combination

Billy Idol: Forever in Vegas  

You! Billy Idol! Vegas! The Perfect Combination. So, behold the Awesome: we want to send you and a friend down to Vegas to see Billy Idol at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino! When I was pulling pictures for the contest, the current ones for Billy are kind of a shock. Not that he looks older, mind you. Shocking because the man is still ALIVE.

I met Billy for the first time when he was still powering ahead in the ’90’s. Taking winners backstage to meet him was always an exercise in anxiety, because I’d be sweating and REALLY hoping his handlers made him get dressed. Since he performed every night in a full black leather suit, the man would sweat profusely. And the black leather he wore would bleed dark blue dye all over his skin. Billy’s favorite thing to do after the concert was wander around the dressing rooms wearing as little as possible to show off his dark blue body. Seriously, he was the first Mystique, way before “X Men” was a thing.

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(Photo credits: MandyJC72  and V Threeplo)

Eerie similarity, isn’t it? (Forgive my hideous artist rendering)

Anyway, we want you to win the trip, and we’re doing it in our (as usual) painfully easy fashion. Just listen Monday through Friday in the 7am, noon and 5pm hours to qualify. We’ll even give you a $20.00 gas card for being caller 7! See how simple? The contest line is 877.807.1007, so put that in your phone contacts right now.


Remember the first huge hit from Billy Idol in the 80’s? “Dancing With Myself” is still my favorite – and if you take a look, the video still holds up today. And HELLO?  Look at those zombies! Before their time, baby!



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