2023 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees Announced

2023 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame | Shutterstock

This year’s nominees for the 2023 inductees to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have been announced. The eclectic list aligns with the HoF’s new mission statement to be more inclusive. Here are the 2023 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame nominees:

Soundgarden, The White Stripes, Iron Maiden, The Spinners, Sherly Crow, Kate Bush, Joy Division/New Order, Missy Elliott, Willie Nelson, Cyndi Lauper, George Michael, Rage Against the Machine, A Tribe Called Quest, Warren Zevon.

Voting is ongoing, and the official Class of 2023 will be announced this May. People can vote online here. Who makes the cut from this list? Who are some artists that got snubbed this year?



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