5 Blockbuster Films You Would Never Believe Came From Sundance



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5 Blockbuster Films You Would Never Believe Came From Sundance. I still remember the first Sundance Film Festival my friend covered as a college reporter for our student newspaper. She watched an Australian film about a cowboy in clown facepaint driving down a deserted highway at night, saying nothing. For two hours. And 15 minutes.

Luckily, things have improved since then and some of the biggest film releases of the year come from the Sundance Film Festival. Here’s 5 blockbusters that you’d never guess got their start here in Park City.

5 Blockbuster Films You Would Never Believe Came From Sundance:

napolean dynamite+

1. Napolean Dynamite: Utahn Jon Heder got his start in the 2004 film that made the phrase “Vote For Pedro” immortal.


usual suspects

2. The Usual Supects: the creepy crime thriller with the world’s best teist ending debuted at Sundance in 1995.



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3. Saw: what sequel are we on to now? Like, “Saw Pt. 3,006?” The nauseating frontrunner in torture porn screened in 2004 spawned everything from seven sequels to toys.



4. Beasts of the Southern Wild: was nominated for four Acadamy Awards in 2012, including Best Picture and Best Director. The snooty Cannes Film Festival tried to claim the film, but nope – it debuted right here in little ol’ Utah.



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5. Reservoir Dogs: after seeing this film in 1992 for years, my friends and I insisted on calling each other “Mr. Black,” “Mr. Pink,” and “Mr. Blonde.” Plus, the characters make excellent Christmas gifts!

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