A Guy Was Just Shot by His Own Oven

A 44-year-old guy named Robin Garlock from Warren, Ohio was shot on Sunday night.  And the shooter was . . . his MAYTAG OVEN.

There were some kids coming to the house, so Robin put his loaded gun in the oven to hide it from them.  Seems like a smart plan on several levels.

Anyway, his girlfriend didn’t know he’d put the gun in there, so she turned on the oven to do some baking.  And when the gun got hot enough, the bullets inside EXPLODED.

He opened the oven to try to get it out, and when he did, he got hit by a bullet in each of his shoulders.

He was taken to the hospital for treatment, and the cops questioned him because it SOUNDED suspicious . . . but they say the evidence really does back up his story.




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