A Man Who Cuts Homeless People’s Hair for Free Was Given His Own Barbershop

Earlier this year, a 30-year-old barber in Philadelphia named Brennon Jones went viral after he started giving homeless people free haircuts on the street.

The basic idea is it’s a lot easier to get back on your feet if you look the part.  Several local news stations in Philly have done stories on him.  And one person who heard about it was a guy named Sean Johnson.

Sean turned his life around after a stint in jail.  Now he owns a successful barbershop in Philadelphia called Taper’s, and was thinking of expanding to another location.

He completely renovated it, so it was ready to open.  But then he met Brennon.  And instead of opening it up himself, he took Brennon to see it . . . tossed him the key . . . and said it’s YOURS.

He’s letting Brennon run his OWN barbershop there, with set days each week for homeless people to come get their hair cut for free.

Sean says he’s already making enough money, and cares more about giving back.  Obviously Brennon was blown away by it.  And it’s coming at just the right time, because he wouldn’t have been able to give free haircuts during the winter.


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