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Blink-182 Strikes Back with “ONE MORE TIME…”

Blink-182 New Album
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Blink-182: A New Dawn with ONE MORE TIME…

After much anticipation, iconic rock band Blink-182 has unveiled plans for their latest project. Fans can now look forward to a brand new album titled ONE MORE TIME… scheduled for release on October 20th. This album holds special significance as it marks the band’s first effort since reuniting with their original guitarist, Tom DeLonge, in the preceding year.

The Pulse Behind the Album

Produced by the band’s talented drummer, Travis Barker, ONE MORE TIME… delves deep into poignant narratives. It reflects on the tales of adversity, celebrates the tales of victory, and underscores the unbreakable bond of brotherhood that the band members share.

The album’s eponymous track, “ONE MORE TIME…”, will premiere as the main single, expected to drop on September 21st. Eager fans desiring a sneak peek can also feast their ears and eyes on a 4-minute trailer released by the band. This teaser, brimming with interviews and previews of multiple new tracks, is available for viewing on Blink-182’s official YouTube channel. Watch below:

A Historical Glimpse: Bands That Found Their Way Back

Reuniting after a hiatus is no small feat. However, Blink-182 isn’t the only band to have taken a break and later reunited to create music magic. Over the years, the music industry has witnessed several iconic bands part ways, only to regroup later, rekindling their synergy and creative prowess. This trajectory, while challenging, often leads to the creation of some of their most memorable and impactful works.

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