Concert Info about “Besties” Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran!

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So if you haven’t heard, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are best friends! They are always talking about each other, hanging out, and in 2013 they recorded “Everything Has Changed” for Taylor’s album Red. Love the music video! If you haven’t seen it, scroll down for the link! 🙂

Alright, now to concert info! Ed will be playing at Energy Solutions Arena on May 19, 2015 and tickets go on sale this Friday!!! Make sure you get your tickets soon because you wouldn’t want to be like the people trying to get sold out Taylor Swift tickets right now!

Also, speaking of Taylor Swift’s sold out show……… We have tickets still! She will be playing Energy Solutions Arena September 4 and we will have more chances to win tickets to her show closer to the concert date!

There are a lot of awesome concerts here in Salt Lake City, but I am really excited for these two especially!

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