Cupid is Stupid

End the tyranny of the “Hearts And Flowers” crowd and celebrate Valentine’s Day the way it should be–by mocking it!

Win 4 tickets to Todd & Erin’s “Cupid Is Stupid” Bash on Thursday, February 12th from 6-9pm at Club 50 West. There will be free massages, psychic readings, snacks, prizes, and DJ Jarvicious leading everyone in a round of “I Will Survive.”

We’ll beat the crap out a giant heart pinata and send those Dear John letters up in flames.

The party is free, but you must win your invitation by entering on our Facebook page, on-air with Todd & Erin or at
cupids arrow

(Photo credit: Dymetro Kochetov)

Why? Because Cupid Is STUPID!

mean cup;pid

(Photo credit: Josephnovak33)

I mean, look at that face! Look at it! That smile doesn’t want you to be happy. That smile is looking forward to a long, excruciating series of makeups and breakups, followed by prolonged heartbreak, weeping and over-consumption of candy.

We’ll have free massages!

Free psychic readings!

Beat the crap out of the gigantic Broken Heart Pinata!

Win concert tickets, Jazz tickets, dinners out, hotel stays and more!

Burn those old “Dear John” letters and the names of malevolent Exes!

Dance with DJ Jarvicious and join us in a round of “I Will Survive!”

There’s free snacks, lots of prizes and like-minded friends who think laughing at Cupid is a lot more fun than waiting around for him.


cupid with arrow in the mouth vintage 1

(Photo credit: Chicks57)

How do you win your 4 tickets?

Just leave a comment and your name below and we’ll announce the winners this week! Keep listening to the Todd & Erin Show, we’ll have chances for you to win all week.




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