Fresh Tunes from The Killers This Holiday Season

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The Killers’ Christmas Gift: A Brand New Song

The Killers just surprised their fans with a holiday treat – a brand-new song. They announced this unexpected gift on social media on Monday. The track, titled “We Did It In The Name Of Love,” sparked immediate buzz among fans.

Frontman Brandon Flowers recently spilled some details. He said the song channels a bit of Sisters of Mercy’s vibe. This legendary 80s gothic rock band has a dark, haunting sound, suggesting a twist for The Killers’ latest release.

Interestingly, this new song isn’t part of The Killers’ recent greatest hits album, Rebel Diamonds. That album does feature another fresh song, “Spirit.” So, why leave “We Did It In The Name Of Love” out? Maybe it was a strategic move for a holiday surprise.

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