Harley Davidson Entering New Era With Electric Motorcycles Going Into Production

Look Ma’ No Gears

Business Insider claims Harley-Davidson is developing an electric motorcycle it hopes to start selling in 2019.  In 2014 Harley took out and tested an electric motorcycle called the LiveWire Electric Motorcycle to get feed back, and as of today they are a go for production.

after 4th quarter sales numbers were lower than anticipated, they realized their core audience is aging out and the younger generation is not riding motorcycles in the same numbers as in years past. They need more people to continue to ride motorcycles for the longevity of the company.

That’s where the electric motorcycle comes into play. The iconic company has been know for it’s loud pipes roaring down the road and some may think that they are selling out to be trendier. But in reality the company is gearing up for the eco friendly, fun loving millennials, and zillennials. They are the future of the company no matter how they want to look at it.

The new bike will have one gear so that will take a bit to get use to for those that like to dabble with the gears- but a big change will be the sound of the machine. This indeed is a new era for Harley-Davidson.



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