Matchbox Twenty is Not Afraid Of Being A ‘Nostalgia’ Act

Matchbox 20

No Shame in the Game: Matchbox Twenty Revels in Nostalgia

Some bands chafe at being a ‘nostalgia’ act – but not Matchbox Twenty. The 90’s rockers told ABC Audio, “There is a sense of nostalgia in coming to see us, and there’s no shame in that.” Singer Rob Thomas added, “We have a long history with our fans, and we are not in the business of disappointing them.” Matchbox Twenty launches its ‘Slow Dream Tour’ tonight in Vancouver. The band will perform in Salt Lake City on Saturday, June 3, at the USANA Amphitheatre. Learn more about tickets. We are also giving away free tickets to the show.

Do you think bands should ‘play the hits’ in concert, or do you like when they add new material or deep cuts?

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