Santa Is Real! Bad News: They Found His Tomb

Archaeologists in Turkey believe they’ve just made an incredible discovery . . . they’ve found the real-life Santa.

At this point, you might want your kids to stop listening.

Because . . . um . . . he’s dead.  Real, real dead.

The archeologists found a tomb in Demre, in southern Turkey.  And they say it’s most likely the tomb for the real Saint Nicholas . . . who’s the bishop that the Santa Claus legend is based on, of course.

He was buried in the middle of the fourth century, so this tomb has been sitting there for almost 1,700 years undiscovered.

The team is working slowly to excavate his remains, but they say it’s going to be a slow process . . . they need to make sure they don’t damage the tomb in the process.

(The Telegraph)


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