Steve Albini Catching Heat For His Twitter Take On Steely Dan

Steely Dan
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Steve Albini Isn’t So Hot on Steely Dan

Legendary indie rock producer Steve Albini is catching significant heat after dissing Steely Dan on Twitter. Albini – famous for working with artists like Nirvana and Pixies – wrote, “I will always be the kind of punk that sh**s on Steely Dan… C**** the amount of human effort wasted to sound like an SNL band warm up”.



His comments did not go unchallenged – Steely Dan fans leaped to their defense, accusing Albini of being “ignorant” and an “aging hipster musician.” Albini isn’t backing down and seems to be reveling in the attention – but he did post a link to a charity auction with a guitar signed by Dave Grohl, encouraging the haters to “go bid on this guitar to help families in poverty.” What’s your hottest music take? What band will you defend to your last breath?

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