Terminator: Genisys Is Coming, It’s Going To Mess With Your Head

Hey, remember when they re-booted “Star Trek” and we all groaned, thinking “what else can you do with these guys?”  Then JJ Abrams just sort of…re-wrote time?  It was on.

Terminator: Genisys is coming, and it’s going to mess with your head.  Emila Clarke plays a much tougher Sara Connor in the past.  (If you’re thinking of her in her Daenerys’ wig from Game of Thrones, give it up.  You wouldn’t recognize her.) And just when you thought there was no way they could possibly stick in more Schwarznegger, you would be wrong.  Take a look at the video and be amazed.

Oh, for major Terminator freaks, there’s a frame by frame breakdown with all the hidden clues on

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