The Fans First Act: Senate’s New Approach to Ticket Sales


Senate Takes Action on Ticket Sales

A year after discussing concert ticketing, the Senate has introduced the Fans First Act. Senators Amy Klobuchar and John Cornyn, along with others, are behind this bill. It aims to make ticket sales more transparent and fair.

Clear Pricing for Tickets

Billboard calls this bill a major reform. It requires sellers to show the full ticket price upfront. This includes all fees. Sellers must also give clear terms for buying tickets. They need to tell buyers where their seats are and confirm if they are the original seller.

Stronger Rules for Consumer Protection

The bill updates the BOTS Act of 2016. It fights against automated ticket-buying bots. Sellers must now give buyers proof of purchase within 24 hours. If an event is canceled, they must refund the full ticket price. The bill also asks for a study to learn more about ticket sales.

Fighting Unfair Ticket Sales

The bill sets penalties for illegal ticket selling. It creates a website for fans to report problems. The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys will enforce these rules. The bill stops the sale of tickets that resellers don’t actually own.

Mixed Opinions

While many in the music industry support the bill, some critics have concerns. They say the bill should also address other unfair practices.

Other Congressional Efforts

This bill is part of Congress’s broader work on ticketing. Other proposals are also being considered. Congress needs to agree on these bills to make them law.

Industry Support

Groups like the Fix the Tix Coalition and the Recording Academy support the bill. They say it will make buying tickets better for fans. Harvey Mason Jr. from the Recording Academy wants Congress to act quickly on this bill.

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