There’s a New Service That Gives You Porsches-on-Demand

Instead of driving a Porsche, how about driving ALL of the Porsches?  Then no one will question the size of your junk.  Yeah.  That’s the trick.

Porsche is about to launch a new program called Porsche Passport, where you pay $2,000-a-month . . . and that gets you unlimited Porsches on demand.  Or you can pay $3,000 and have even more models to choose from.

You just use an app to pick the Porsche you want in the moment, and someone will drive it to wherever you are.  And you can drive it for as long or as short as you want, kind of like how the old Netflix DVD delivery worked.

Your membership comes with unlimited mileage and, frankly, it doesn’t sound like THAT bad of a deal . . . considering that a lot of Porches could run you that price per month anyway.

For now, they’re only going to be offering the service in Atlanta.  But if it’s successful, it could definitely expand to other places soon.


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