Weekly Rundown | 5.17.23 | Week in Review

Weekly Rundown

BOB FM Weekly Roundup

Good evening, you rock and roll renegades! Time to drop the needle on the record of happenings around our home, the 100.7 BOB FM universe. Buckle up, folks – we’ve got a truckload of tantalizing tidbits to toss your way.


Foo Fighters Soar with “Under You”

In a world that often feels upside down, let the Foo Fighters lift you with their latest anthem, “Under You.” They’re plucking heartstrings and guitar strings alike with this new banger. Dave Grohl and the gang always remind us that Rock and Roll isn’t just alive – it’s doing stage dives into the crowd.

Matchbox Twenty: Proud Nostalgia Merchants

You might consider them your high school jam band, but Matchbox Twenty is fearless in being tagged as a nostalgia act. They’re rocking the ‘remember when’ vibes and reminding us why we fell in love with them in the first place. Who doesn’t need a little ’90s throwback to make their day better?

The Splendor of Sugarhouse Lake

Dylan reports on flooding at the newly christened Sugarhouse Lake

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BOB FM Contests

May Mania: Stirrin’ Dirt Racing

Feel the ground shake under your feet and the adrenaline rush through your veins! BOB FM’s Stirrin’ Dirt Racing May Mania promises more thrills than a drum solo. Get ready to see some metal get twisted!

Shania Twain: The Last Ticket Standing

Remember when you thought you’d missed your chance to see Shania live? Well, we’re giving you a last chance to win a ticket to Shania Twain that’ll make you feel like a woman, a man, or just a lucky duck!

3 Doors Down: Knock Knock, Who’s There?

If you’re not afraid of a little Kryptonite, we have just the thing for you. A chance to see 3 Doors Down at USANA that’s as exciting as finding a forgotten vinyl in your attic.

Live Nation Goes All In

Get ready to rock out with your credit card because Live Nation’s “All In 25” 2023 is here. 

Your Radio Roundup for the Week!

Heads up, tune-lovers! Your weekly digest of what’s been spinning on the radio is here. We’ve been snooping around, checking out what’s hot and happening at our friendly neighborhood stations. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

50 Cent: More Than Just a Rapper

Over at 925thebeat, they’ve been jamming out to 50 Cent’s greatest hits. From the gritty “In Da Club” to the emotional “21 Questions”, they’ve dissected the best tunes from this iconic rapper.

While still on 925thebeat, they went all gooey, taking us on a romantic journey with their top RnB love songs in English. If you’re in need of some warm fuzzies, this list is your ticket to love town.

Mayfield and Kanye: The Unlikely Duo

Koolslc gave us a fascinating insight into the world of music sampling, particularly Kanye West’s use of Curtis Mayfield’s tracks. Who knew “Touch The Sky” had such groovy roots!

Continuing their trip down memory lane, Koolslc also celebrated the best covers of The Beach Boys’ songs. From punk versions to orchestral renditions, they’ve got us all “Surfin’ USA” in style!

Frankie, Cure, and the Mouse

X96 was buzzing with the reunion of the original members of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Can you believe it’s been 36 years? And they’re still as wild as ever!

The station also took us on a nostalgic trip with their list of the best songs by The Cure. From “Friday I’m In Love” to “Just Like Heaven”, they’ve captured the melancholic magic that makes The Cure so timeless.

And if that’s not enough, X96 has a comprehensive guide to Modest Mouse albums, exploring the band’s evolution. They’ve got you covered from the early ‘Mice’ days to becoming ‘Masters’ of indie rock!

Country Music Shuffles and Surprises

Over at 1015theeagle, country fans got a treat as Kenny Chesney stepped in for Morgan Wallen at two country festivals. That’s what we call a musical touchdown!

In another heartwarming news, Chris Stapleton was named Dolly Parton’s favorite duet partner, leaving him just as surprised as we were. Who knew Dolly was a Stapleton fan!

Sports, Wins, and More!

ESPN960Sports unveiled the 2023 NFL international games schedule, and boy, are we in for a globe-trotting, pigskin-passing, touchdown-dancing extravaganza!

The station also served up a full-course meal of sports talk with their May 10th show. If you missed it, don’t worry, there’s plenty of leftovers on their site!

Jazz, Drafts, and Utah’s Glory

ESPN700Sports had an intriguing chat with Jeremiah Jensen about the NBA playoffs and the Jazz’s draft chances. If you’re a Jazz fan, this is as delicious as hearing a Miles Davis solo!

Finally, they shared the fantastic news that Utah Softball won the Pac-12 title. Now they’re set to host the NCAA Regional. Could this be any more exciting? We’re on the edge of our stadium seats!

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