Win Lagoon Passes from 100.7 BOB FM!

Bob just found a bunch of passes to Lagoon in his desk drawer! He doesn’t like rollercoasters, heights, or being upside down…so…he wants to give them to you all this week!

Win tickets to Lagoon from the new 100.7 BOB FM! Listen and text to win at 7:05, 12:05, and 5:05! Celebrate 100 years of the white roller coaster! Ride Wicked, Colossus, Cannibal, The Rocket, and more!

And bob will be eating an ice cream sandwich while you enjoy your fun day at Lagoon!

Contest rules: from 5/17/21 to 5/28/21 BOB FM will be giving away Lagoon Passes. Each day approx. 7:05 AM 12:05 PM and 5:05 PM a code will be given out on the air to text to 33986. On or after 5/17/21 from these text entries (15) winners will be selected to win (1) Pair of Tickets each. Prize values at $120 each and provided by Lagoon. Message and data rates may apply and may receive up to 2 messages per request. These rules are in addition to Broadway Media’s General Contest Rules.
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