Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged – In The Most Charming, British Way Possible

Here’s the bad news: Benedict Cumberbatch is off the market.


The good news?  He did it in the most charming, old-school, British way possible.  He very properly placed an announcement in the “The Times of London” announcing his engagement to Sophie Hunter, who’s a 36 year old, Oxford-educated theatre director.  She’s adorable.  Plus, now I have to love Benedict even more than I did in “Star Trek: Into Darkness” as Kahn because she’s his age, a lovely well-educated person and not some terrible plastic surgery-ridden A lister.  You know Emily Post is weeping approvingly into her monogrammed hankie as we speak.


So yes, ladies.  We are sad.  We mourn the passing of Open Season on Benedict.  But we must be happy for anyone that adorably proper and that…you know…British.

Featured Photo Credit: Senyorita Senyorita

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