More People Are Listening to Neil Young After Spotify Departure


Apparently, leaving Spotify wasn’t such a bad thing for Neil Young. According to Bloomberg, more people are listening to Young’s music after he left the streaming platform.

“The interesting thing about Neil is that his consumption has gone up in the two weeks since he came off the service,” said Merck Mercuriadis, who owns 50% of Young’s catalog. “We’re at 38% up in streaming alone, and we’re hundreds of percentages up in terms of album sales and that.”

Young’s departure from Spotify’s catalogue has inspired other artists like Joni Mitchell and Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band to pull their music from the streaming platform as well. You can still listen to Neil Young and most of the other artists on other platforms such as Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music Unlimited, and Youtube Music.

What streaming service do you use to listen to music? Why do you think more people are listening to Neil Young?

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