Mother’s Day Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make!

Jon Carter

Avoid These Mother’s Day Gift Faux Pas!

You better be thinking about Mother’s Day!

I’m sure you know it’s Sunday, as in THIS Sunday.

I was going to mention a few ideas on what to get her for Mother’s Day, (based on my vast expertise on the topic), but instead, I’ve made a short list of WHAT NOT to get her.

DO NOT Buy Her a Gift Card.

Here’s why:

  1. She’ll never use it, and it will most likely expire.
  2. A gift card is low-hanging fruit. Too easy. When you give it to her, she’ll go “.. oh wow, he sure didn’t put a lot of thought into it this year…again!” So, no gift cards!

Say NO to a Bowl of Strained Peas.

If your mom is older, DO NOT get her a bowl of strained peas. It’s very insulting.

And Absolutely DO NOT Get Her Tools.

Finally, DO NOT get her a 12amp heavy-duty portable electric pipe threader, or a 16-ounce ball-peen dead blow hammer. Those two things are what YOU want. This is Mother’s Day…it’s not about you.

-Jon Carter

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