The “Classic Hairstyle” That Men Want to Bring Back!

The country is finally opening up again, and one of the FEW negatives is that “pandemic hair” is going out of style.  Fast!

So now that you’re going back to the barber, will you go with the pre-pandemic same-old-same-old, or take this opportunity to try something new?

A new poll asked men what “classic hairstyle” should be brought back, and the #1 answer was:  The ’80s MULLET! 20% want it to be popular again.

15% of men would like to see the “curtain bangs” look from the ’90s make a comeback, and 10% would revisit the “undercut” look from the past decade.

Also, Jason Momoa is the #1 “celebrity hair inspiration” for men.  Harry Styles is second, and James Dean is third.  (The ’50s heartthrob not to be confused with the legendary purveyor of sausage, Jimmy Dean.)



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