Todd & Erin 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

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So, I’m coming out of Day 8 of a pneumonia so rotten I first feared it was going to kill me–then I was really getting concerned that the Sweet Embrace of Death might actually pass me by.  The first day of November is a great time to return to lucidity–the humble month between the dark madness of October and the shiny happy party of December  is part of a new movement to feel gratitude during a season more and more people wail “I waaaaant! and “I neeeeed!” without thought to how much we have.

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Todd & Erin 30 Day Gratitude Challenge

We’re committing to a new affirmation of gratitude every day in November–want to join us?  There’s some days you may feel so overwhelmed or cranky that you can’t think of anything.  I’ve included your handy-dandy “Gratitude Tracker” for the month below with some suggestions for those Dark Days.  And please share!  Hearing everyone’s stories and their gratitude process enhances us all.

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